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The American Ambassadors Project: Celebrating Black diplomatic leadership

The American Ambassadors Project is the first comprehensive attempt to compile and report on the lives and contributions of Black Americans who have held the nation’s top diplomatic position – U.S. Ambassador – in countries and international institutions throughout the world. It is an ongoing research endeavor involving comprehensive collection and analysis of data leading to the production of editorial and scholarly literature and other media focused on exploring and educating on the topic of American Ambassadors of African descent. Its goals are to add to the discourse around Black history, leadership, diplomacy, and international affairs, and bring to life the powerful and personal stories of Black Americans who possess one of the most respected official, professional titles in the world – Ambassador. The American Ambassadors Project is part of ADST’s Bunche Legacy Project, aimed at advancing the understanding of the significant contributions of African Americans and other minorities, to U.S. diplomatic and foreign affairs.


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